My top tips for treating depression

The point is that this is like my top wish list. Many of the reasoning behind these recommendations are contained in the book. Now its sort of a bridge too far to try all of these at once. I guess apart from the probiotics and gut health, being the number one the others are sort of optional, I mean everything is optional. The thing to take away is that there could easily be something you are taking or ingesting perfectly innocently that may be contributing your depression. These things may even be prescribed to you by a doctor or health professional.

Take probiotics to repair gut health.

Take fibre supplements to feed gut bacteria

Get adequate sunshine approx. 30 minutes per day, o sunscreen and no shade on your eyes. Its important that the UV hits the skin and also the eyes.

Avoid preservatives in food as much as possible.

It is definitely worthwhile to try an all meat diet, where the meat should be grass fed as much as possible and the fattier cuts the better. The diet can be supplemented with other animal products like fish, eggs, milk, cheese. All products should be as natural as possible. Eg grass fed not grain fed meat. Try to keep the protein/fat ratio at 50:50.

Vegetables are ok but should be cooked in traditional ways or fermented, like fresh sauerkraut for example.

Fruit is ok but should be limited to one piece per day or less.

Cooking seed oils should be avoided at all costs. Canola, sunflower, soy etc. Olive oil is ok as is lard and ghee and butter.

Alcohol is ok, up to a point, but you must be careful with sources. For example avoid alcohol made from grain, although Scotch Whiskey (some) is ok. Rum is no good, because of sugar. Most red wines are fine. White you need to be careful of Most Sav blanc is ok. Champagne not recommended.

Avoid vitamin supplements and pretty much all supplements. Cod liver oil is good though.

Avoid all non essential medicines. In particular avoid statins and paracetamol and pain killers. Aspirin is fine.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners and all sugar substitutes. I mean try to limit sugar, but don’t think you can just throw in a chemicalinstead, and all will be fine.

Avoid Margarine.

Make sure to get enough salt. About 2tsp per day is recommended.

Use filtered water or mineral water. Around a litre per day or more. Tea and coffee are ok, but limit to 3 or 4 cups per day.

Smoking though not recommended is ok. Make sure it’s a quality brand. There are some good organic cigarettes around today.

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