Ross Wilkinson

Ross is an engineer and married father of 3 children. His main qualification in writing this book is that he suffered from depression and then he cured it, almost accidentally. Ross is not an author and after accidentally becoming one, he is quite unsure as to whether to make the same mistake twice.

Ross spent 25 years with his girlfriend, Monica, the co-author of this book. He also had three children with her before deciding to ditch the bachelor life. He then married Monica and has decided that he’s only going to give it another 50 years or so, otherwise he’s getting out.

Ross is an engineer in the little-known field of reverse engineering. First, you find out what works, and then you find out why. That’s how Ross fixed his Depression. He conducted a range of low-risk experiments. Once something worked – probiotics – then he set about to find out why.

Ross, Monica, and the family live at the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Just a stone’s throw from Nirvana.

Ross and the family are occasionally forced to travel from Nirvana for a quick Ski or Kitesurfing holiday, but only if they are forced to.

Ross hates to travel from this Nirvana, and he is possibly one of the worlds greatest travellers for someone that doesn’t like to travel, which just proves, that you can’t have it all. As the Rolling Stones say in Ross’s favourite song. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just get what you need. But enough philosophy, the point is, my life might sound great, but it didnt stop me getting Depression. Plenty of rich famous and cool people end up with depression, not that I am one of them. I am just like you, trying to make the best of it, and hoping not too much shit happens, which it always does in the end. The shit is just that, it keeps happening, but depression doesnt have to. Depression is about what you put in and on your body, and occasionally the stuff you dont put in.

Monica comes from a long line of scientists and engineers. Monicas father was just about the most notable Microbiologist ever in Australia and appeared in the book of Who’s Who. Microbiologists only existed for the last hundred years, because prior to that we didn’t know that bacteria existed. Microbiology is the study of tiny living things, the theme of this book. Monica and her father are Microbiologists, but instead of spending their time helping humans and human bacteria, they wasted their time making better quality wine and alcohol. Alcohol is made by yeast and bacteria, again, the main theme of this book. Yes, I agree, making alcohol is a noble cause too. Only the perfect woman (Monica) can say, well if you need a drink, just wait 24hrs and I will brew you up 100 gallons of the stuff, and anything that’s left over you can put in your car.

Monica has a PhD in Microbiology, largely, the study of ethanol fuel manufacture, but I’m sure she would say that bringing up 3 children and a rogue husband are her greatest achievements.

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