Taking On Depression


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If you are ready to start taking steps toward combatting depression then you are in the right place! Ross wants to show you how gut health and probiotics make the difference in this FREE Chapter…

Ross Wilkinson

Ross is an engineer and married father of 3 children. His main qualification in writing this book is that he suffered with depression and then he cured it, almost accidentally. Ross is not an author and after accidentally becoming one, he is quite unsure as to whether to make the same mistake twice.

Ross spent 25 years with his girlfriend, Monica, the co-author of this book. He also had three children with her before deciding to ditch the bachelor life. He then married Monica and has decided that he’s only going to give it another 50 years or so, otherwise he’s getting out.


“By combining the science, real world observation, anecdotal evidence, and old wives’ tales, he found the answers he was looking for.”

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